I thought that this time I'd write a little bit about minimalism. I still have quite a lot of stuff so I don't want to say that I'm an ideal example of a minimalist. However, minimalism is something I'm very keen on and I'm constantly working on reducing my "property amount" to keep only what I really need. This lifestyle is also great for frequent travelers which is why I decided to write about it here and these are the 6 reasons why it's good to think like a minimalist.

1. Getting Rid of Clutter

Perhaps you don't really mind having a lot of clutter around you and you are thinking how this could be any useful. Personally, I have the feeling that we all have tons of these unnecessary things. Things we don't use and probably never will, things which were given to us but don't suit our current needs. We keep them anyway and wait until that moment when we'll be able to use them comes (one very typical ocassion - when we lose a little bit of weight). However, it is good to give a thought to whether we really do need these things and whether we'll really use them after the planned 10 years pass. When I lose weight, will I still be feeling good in this dress? Do I really need 10 cases for my mobile phone when I use only two anyways? We should think if it wouldn't be better and beneficial to simply get rid of these things we don't need and in case we will, after some time, really need it, we can re-purchase them. Because mostly, you won't need those things, probably ever. Plus, you can donate them to charity or give it away to your family and make someone happy.

Zbavte se zbytečností na pracovním stole

2. Money Saving

The main principle of minimalism is not buying the unnecessary stuff. Things we don't need. Thanks to the limitations of possible expenses, we will logically save something up. Sometimes you realize that you are spending enormous amounts of money on unimportant things and once you give them up, your wallet will be more than happy. The only thing you have to do is to think before every purchase you make - whether you really (and I mean really) need the thing and you could not live without it. However, do not think that minimalism is about asceticism or not buying anything at all. Not at all, the main meaning of minimalism (at least for me) is simply minimalize your expenses in the areas which are useless for you and rather spend your savings on investments into your dreams, hobbies or future.

3. Clean Your Space, Clean Your Mind

Thanks to the fact that you tidy up your own environment, you will get rid of clutter and unnecessary things and thus all the disruptive elements, you will calm your mind down and it won't be facing any extra stress from all those shiny and sparkly objects which it has to watch. So, your mind will be allowed to give out the energy on some other, more important things which make more sense. This will also have an even bigger impact in the case you live in a small space (such as we have as we live in a really tiny apartment). It will give a breath of fresh air to even the smallest of apartments and you won't suffocate there.

4. You Don't Need Shopping

After a while you will be living this way you won't really have the need or the urge to shop (I still ocassionaly buy something nice even though I can live without it, but generally you just won't need to buy stuff). You will find products which you are satisfied with and which will perhaps do more than one thing (an ideal example is the men's electric shaver with which you won't need to buy razors, foam or aftershave lotion, but you have one simple device which can also cut your hair). I'm looking for alternatives which I don't have to re-purchase every week/month/etc and which I don't have to throw away after only a few uses, or I make a lot of things at home. Not only does this minimalize your expenses for the things you don't need, it is also a great deal of fun to create them and I simply love discovering how to make everything at home.

5. The Quality Over Quantity

This point is very closely related to the one mentioned previously. Once you realize that you need less in your life and that you don't need to go shopping every week for something new and trendy (except for food, you have to eat obviously), you will search for alternatives which are higher in quality and last longer. It doesn't always mean that you have to buy the super expensive stuff, but you will get to know the difference between buying quality over quantity products. I think that this is one way how to help your environmnent a little since you won't re-purchase and throw away tons of unnecessary stuff every couple of months.

6. Simplicity

Your whole life will take on a particular simplicity and it will be easy to infulence. Not that you can influence everything of course, but believe me that once you break free from the "normal" life, you will realize how much of your life is in your own hands. And you won't have to think about useless stuff anymore.

Minimalism means something slightly different for each and every one of us. For example for us it also means trying to not waste our resources - water, energy (electricity, gas,...), etc. and we generally try not to unnecessarily burden our environment. But most of all, thanks to this lifestyle it is really simple to save some money for your holiday and it is also easier to go on it - your bags are packed in a minute!