When I was on Cape Verde islands the very first day, I remember I couln't even think about my feelings. Not that I would be overwhelmed, but it's just a completely different world and the relaxing atmosphere is all around you. But for now, we'll set the islands aside - it's time to talk about coffee. To be precise, the coffee which grows on the plantations on the island of Fogo.

Cabo Verde Coffee

I first tasted the coffee while having a breakfast in our little cosy hotel in the middle of the Santa Maria city on the island of Sal. The taste was just completely different to any other coffee I had. I was used to having (and loving) rather bitter tastes (chocolate hints for example), which are available in the Czech Republic. My first impression of the taste was a bit... unsure. I really could not make if I loved it or hated it. On one hand I wasn't used to the taste of it, so it's wasn't all that positive. But on the other hand, the taste was very different, but in a good way (it really surprised me that I was able to so clearly taste the fruit flavor).

Coffee Beans

At the end of our stay I was already looking forward to drinking this coffee and I also bought some to take home with me (you can see the coffee on the first picture in the article). The Cape Verde coffee is very mild and fruity. Fruity above all. I can say that from all those coffees with fruit hints I tried, this one was just FRUITY (sorry, cannot explain it in other words. I can honestly say that today I consider it a very good coffee. I love preparing it either in my Moca Pot or in my French Press and the taste is delicious. Every sip of the coffee takes me to Cape Verde and brings back all the great memories from this place.

Also, if you are still afraid or unsure whether you like the coffee or not, you might make up your mind - they are working on improving the coffee industry on the islands every day and even Starbucks has capeverdean coffee in the stores! So, in case you plan on visiting Cape Verde, surely do not miss out on the coffee experience!