In my spare time I enjoy reading through other travel blogs. You can feel the passion, the energy and the enthusiasm they have for their travels and that's truly inspiring. You can read their travel stories, look through their amazing photos from all around the world and thanks to all that you realize that we all can live these moments. The only thing we have to do is to break our barriers, stop listening to our fear, start following our dreams and then reach everything we want. And since these blogs inspire us so much, we decided to make a list of our top 8 travel bloggers out there and share it with you.

1. Ailish In Wonderland

Ailish and her partner Adam traveled through South and Middle Ammerica, Europe, Asia and also visited Africa. On her blog you can find her travel stories, photos, videos and also advice she offers for less experienced travelers. Ailish is a vegetarian and she'll show you that you won't die from hunger as a vegetarian on the road. My favorite article is the one from Honduras Macaw Mountain and from the Food Festival in El Salvador. She's now about to travel through the US and we are looking forward to all the interesting places she shows us.

Macaw Mountain
food festival

"Always look on the bright side. There's something to be learned and some fun to be had in even the worst of travel experiences".

And I totally agree with her motto. On our travels we don't always experience peacefulness, relaxation and happiness, but we often face some worse conditions. For me it would be for example one of our trips through Madrid to southern Spain when our flight was delayed by 6 hours and for this reason when we arrived to the bus station, we missed the last bus to Granada, the station was closing, the subway was closing and we were completely lost and had no idea if there is any accomodation or any place we could go to near us. And so, we ended up "sleeping" (or rather laying on our luggage) at a bus stop in front of the bus station. I didn't take it too seriously even back then, I thought (and still think) it's rather hillarious and I laugh every time I think about it. Plus, it is such an unforgettable memory that it will stay with me probably forever  

2. The Blonde Abroad

As the majority of people, Kiersten planned on going to college, getting a good job, getting married, having kids and then being happy. However, she soon realized that this social pattern of "success" doesn't suit her at all and she doesn't feel happy nor fulfilled. For this reason she decided to leave her financial career and started discovering the world as a volunteer. So far she's built one of the prettiest blogs (The Blonde Abroad) I know.


3. Live Learn Venture

This blog is written by a 20-something Natasha. I like it mainly because she writes a lot about Asian countries - Japan, Vietnam and Philippines, but she also writes about Australia and New Zealand. Look at her amazing photos on Instagram.

Ginkaku-ji Temple
sushi a tempura

4. My Life's A Movie

Well, when I've started talking about amazing photos... You simply cannot miss Alyssa's blog. Her photos are truly beautiful and what is even more stunning is the fact that she travels alone (and can still take such pictures, I admire her for that, I still have a lot to learn here). She also films videos with a GoPro camera. I chose an example of her camping on a beach for you.

my life's a movie

5. The Travel Pockets

Sisters Candy and Crystal are writing about traveling and fashion. They are from the US so they mainly offer us tips from California and Florida. Their other favorite places include Japan and Iceland. We really like the design of their blog as well as their amazing tips.

wolf mountain sanctuary

6. Hey Nadine

Another blog which I like to visit is HEY NADINE. Here you can find lots of videos not only packed with her travel stories but also tips and tricks which will surely be useful on your travels. Her videos are funny so you don't have to worry about getting bored. As a bonus, in 2014 was Nadine invited as one of the top 130 of the most influential travel bloggers and digital media outlets to the White House to attend the White House Travel Blogger Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship. And that sounds truly amazing, doesn't it?

Hey Nadine - bloger

7. Migrationology

Mark calls himself a full-time travel eater and he believes that food is the best way how to learn about a culture as well as how to get closer to people (not only the locals). On his blog you can find a lot of information from tips on what dishes to eat to whole guides which include tips on places to stay and see. His blog is now focusing on Asia and we are looking forward to when Mark expands his blog and will offer us food tips from all over the world. I don't know how about you, but I really feel like going on a food trip to Asia right now (*foodlover spotted*).

Mark Wiens - bloger

8. The Broke Backpacker

Will is an experienced traveler, digital nomad and freelance journalist. On his blog you will find many tips on how to become a digital nomad, tips for your travels, but most of all - you will never get bored. His articles are very interesting and engaging! I won't tell you more because it might seem I extol his site a bit too much. You will have to make your own picture about his blog by reading it through. And also, follow his snapchat wthatton so that you don't miss out!

The broke backpacker
The broke backpacker

What about you? Do you have any favorite travel blogs or do you write one yourself? Share your inspiration with us!