When I first seriously thought of traveling abroad, I wanted to go to an English speaking country, preferably to the UK. At the moment I missed the deadline for the applications for work stays abroad on the southern coast of the UK, I didn't have much of a choice but to jump at the very next opportunity - au pair in Ireland. I didn't want to miss out on anything and so I caught the opportunity to go and went.

You can read about how it was before my au pair stay and how I was looking for a family soon enough. Now back to my precious Ireland.

I had the host family in Dublin, because I was about to attend the school in the city centre twice a week. As I wanted to travel with a reliable agency who had a limit of 21 years for all summer au pair stays, I had to combine the au pairing with studying (the only available program for me at that time, I had 18). Today I'm glad I did choose this type of stay since it gave me really a lot!

A park near my house

Immediately after my arrival, when my host family took me to my new home and I after I'd met all family members, I got an invitation package with a map and brochures about what to do and what not from my agency. I also got a sim card and a mobile phone from my family and they showed me around, where to get on a bus, how to get to the city centre, etc. I arrived Saturday afternoon and had my Sunday still off, so I used it to get familiar with the surroundings of my new home.

A view from my room's window

I lived on the outskirts of Dublin, so the travel to the city was rather long (and expensive compared to Czech prices). But I was more concerned about learning the language and enjoying my stay rather than just making money. Apart from that everything looked ideal. We lived in a small semi-detached house with a little garden and it was really close to two beautiful parks and other was just a few more steps further.

The other wonderful park

Parks are probably the most amazing thing in Ireland (Dublin to be more accurate). I loved the fact that even though it is quite a large city, you can find parks there practically everywhere. Irish nature in general is wonderful and cannot be described - you have to see their green color for yourselves :) You can read a bit more on the wonderful Irish nature here.