Today I have a continuation of my stories about Ireland and Dublin, where you will get to know a few tips which are worth keeping in mind when on a visit.



In the very centre of Dublin, you have the possibility to visit the Guinness Storehouse. During your tour, you will get to know not only the interesting facts about Arthur Guinness' life, but also about the whole procedure and the ingredients needed for the creation of a Guinness beer. I'm myself not any sort of an expert on beer (or any alcohol in general), but the way the beer is made, made me really fascinated. Or perhaps, I was fascinated so much about the beer fountain in the middle of the building.

When you continue on, you will get to a tasting, where you will experience the taste of the beer. At the end of the tour there is also a course in pouring waiting for you. We were a group of about roughly 10 people, they showed us the whole process of pouring the perfect pint of Guinness and we then took turns and each one of us poured their own perfect beer. You will also get a certificate after this and you will get to enjoy your perfect pint of Guinness on the 4th floor with gorgeous views on Dublin.

The prices for alcohol in general are in Ireland on an average level (yet very expensive compared to Czech). For instance - you will find the cheapest bottled beer for about 3EUR and in a bar you'll pay at least 5EUR. Drinking alcohol in public places is also banned on many places in Ireland.


A great thing about Ireland is the free entrance to its museums. It may sound a bit boring for some of you, but this way I got to see for example an egyptian exhibition, with old relics, mummies and mummy cases. I obviously got to see much more, but this one got stuck in my head. Moreover, when it's raining (which is often), you will surely be happy to be some place dry and warm for a while.

St. Stephen's Green and surroundings

This park is very beautiful and it's the most amazing on the days when the weather is nice. You can enjoy a walk between its lakes and lots of green there, so you will very easily forget you are actually in the middle of a city. My favorite place of all is Butler's though (near the park). Anyone who's ever visited me in Ireland had to go there with me. It's really nothing typically Irish, but for those of you who love chocolate, this is your heaven. They not only have the most amazing pralines, but most importantly they have the most amazing hot chocolates (around 6 kinds!) I have ever tasted. Enjoy your takeaway hot chocolate in the park and you're in another world for a while, trust me :)

From Grafton Street Through Trinity College Up To Penneys

The Grafton Street connects to the St Stephen's Green park and I would compare it to the British High Streets. You will find loads of shops there on both sides of the street. If you continue on you will get to the Trinity College and then, after crossing the bridge over the River Liffey, you will find Penneys, which is operated by Primark. Ideal walk not only for shopaholics!


You will find souvenir shops on almost on every corner. They will have everything - four-leaf clovers, Guinness souvenirs, Irish hats, and much more. I couln't resist and had to buy a hat, although it's slightly unpractical - it has big horns and two large ginger French braids. You'll also notice souvenirs with small dwarfs - Leprichauns. There are quite a few myths about these creatures, but majority of them say that Leprichauns treasure their beloved gold and you can find them where the rainbows start. If you are in Ireland for more than 3 days, it's very probable that you did enjoy Irish rain and you surely understand the reasons behind these myths.


A very highly occuring phenomenon in Ireland - the sun is shining and out of nowhere it starts to drizzle in a second. And so the rainbows are born. Everywhere. All the time. I can, with certainty, say that I have never seen so many rainbows in one place. I also love the Irish rain (especially during summer time). Even though, now when I think about it, I probably had no choice. The rain is very common and moreover, an umbrella is totally worthless here. I destroyed two because I was trying to fight it. But, the Irish rain is powerful and it's not something to be trifled with. It will find a way to you eventually, trust me. I went on Irish streets many times and every single time I opened my umbrella, I got soaking wet as I would without it. After a while I simply got used to the rain and enjoyed it. You can easily recognize a tourist from a local when it rains - a tourist typically has an umbrella or a raincoat and a local looks like it's not raining at all.


I cannot forget to mention the Dublin's port, mainly and simply because of the fact that I love boats

Přístav v Dublinu

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