We were in a need of a short break from work when a really great offer to stay in Mallorca came up. Having lived in Mallorca and having completely fallen in love with it, I immediafely knew that's the perfect spot for us to enjoy a bit of a summer relaxation. Plus, I wanted to show the island to Stepan who's never been there. I will write a lot more on Mallorca, but let me tell you a bit more about our stay for now. Also, you can watch a short clip we made which documents our vacations there.

As I've mentioned, we found a great deal for a hotel in Cales de Mallorca (Hotel Sol Calas de Mallorca). The hotel was great, especially the views from the hotel rooms! They were amazing, really. 

Výhled z pokoje I
Výhled z pokoje II

Since there was a rental place very close nearby, we rented a car for a couple of days to travel around the island. We went to Palma on Friday, which we soon after arriving realized was pretty much all closed due to the San Joan celebrations. We decided to go to Valldemossa and Soller instead, for the rest of the day and then return to the hotel. I wanted to take Stepan to more places such as Cap de Formentor or Sa Calobra, but we were really tired after that whole day walking / driving, so we decided to leave these places out this time around.

Palma de Mallorca

The next day we went to Palma once more and this time everything was opened so we enjoyed it a lot more and spent quite a bit of time there (I love Palma, so nothing is enough time for me to stay there).

Palma de Mallorca
The third day we had our car, we decided to visit the neighbouring places - Porto Cristo, Cala Mondragó, Cala Figuera and Porto Colom. All of these places are really lovely and I would recommend you see all of them!

Cala Figuera
Porto Cristo

Cala Mondragó
For the rest of the days when we didn't have a car, we enjoyed ourselves on the nearby beaches Cala Antena and Cala Domingos, plus we enjoyed Sangría in the hotel Lobby bar in the evening. Oh, and we also watched football there and it was great to be able to see it on a large screen rather than on a laptop with a poor connection (which is what we watch it on at home).

Sangría & Štěpán
Já & Cala Antena

We enjoyed our stay a lot and we didn't even want to leave at the end. Plus, I still miss having a TV at home and I reach for a remote control all the time only to realize we don't have a TV anymore... Don't get me wrong, we didn't watch it that much! But you know... returning back to reality from holidays is sometimes really hard :-)