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Welcome to my blog where I post about things I love the most - especially traveling and everything around it. You can find anything here from my memories and experiences to my future plans and some curiosities from my life.

A little bit about me:

My name is Veronika, I'm 24, was born in Ostrava and currently live in Brno, Czech Republic. While I was at high school I decided I want to study languages, because I enjoyed them very much and wanted to learn them all. But studying it in classes wasn't giving me much and I was afraid I will never be able to learn English or Spanish well enough to continue my language studies at the university and perhaps professionally afterwards. And so I decided to go abroad as an au pair.

I was going every summer so that I wouldn't have problems with school. I first went to Ireland in my 3rd year at high school (you can read about my adventures in Ireland) and then I repeated it one year later in Spain, where I wanted to study Spanish. Thanks to this I got to the university I wanted and was admitted for both English and Spanish studies. I tried au pair experience twice more, in the UK. Apart from these stays, I also went on Erasmus exchange to Spain. Nowadays I travel for rather short periods of time, but still hope I will be able to go for a little bit longer and experience something new. Apart from being a travel-dreamer and writer of this blog, I work as a freelance translator, copywriter and I do a little bit of programming which I find very enjoyable :)

I decided to write about my experiences and my travels mainly because they made me grow a lot on pretty much every level. I improved my language skills, became much more independent, discovered how different is foreign people's way of living compared to ours and in general I became very open-minded, especially towards new things. I think that everyone should try traveling. And I don't mean going for a vacation and be locked in an all-inclusive hotel grounds for a week. But truly travel. Talk to people, pay attention to the surroundings and differences. And exactly this is the purpose of my blog - for those of you who are only reading and dreaming about traveling as well as for those who already tried, but want to try more. Everyone should follow their dreams and don't be afraid of them.

My biggest dream is to travel the world and visit as many countries as possible. I also love the sea, boats and yachts, so I would obviously love to be able to sail my own! Let's see if I will be able to reach my dreams one day :-)